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I'm a Digital Designer who is passionate about iterating and innovating for Social Impact and optimizing Accessibility.I dabble in code and thrive with developer collaboration.

User Experience Design

Selected Projects

Responsive Web Design

Giving fashion design students access to the resources they need.

The Fashion Study Center, a resource database for fashion students to understand the fundamentals of their craft with the ultimate goal of a Student Network to foster community and mentorship.

Web App & Saas | Volunteer

Streamlining workflows with dynamic scheduling capabilities.

Home Unite Us Calendaring, building the internal scheduling system to optimize the process of placing homeless youth in safe temporary housing.


Design Experiments

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Image of the Designer Aria Todd In a Black Velvet Dress and Black Pleather Hat

I'm a multidisciplinary designer from NYC with origins in Fashion Design.

I’m determined to use design to make an impact in our changing world. From the importance of Inclusive Design, Equity, and Sustainability, these values inform my work and my purpose. I’m a lifetime learner and always refining my creative and technical skills. 

Currently working Full-Time as a Visual Designer at the data visualization agency The DataFace.


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