A little more on me

I've always been a Designer.

I got my start in web design during the Myspace days, ripping apart code and rebuilding profiles for myself and my peers. I have a deep passion for tech, which stuck with me.

In high school, I discovered Fashion Design. I did that professionally for over a decade, working on product teams collaborating with everyone up, down, and sideways. This translated well to a pivot to User Experience Design.

I also started my own apparel business on the side, called Lilith et Adalia

Currently working as a Visual Designer at The DataFace!

Fun Stuff ❤️

I love anime, cats 🐱, traveling 🧳, learning languages 🇪🇸🇩🇪🇯🇵, journaling, illustration, and hobby writing. ✌🏾

Aria Todd wearing a black cap, leather jacket, and plaid pencil skirt in front of neon lettering